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About us

Agriculture has a long tradition in our family, dating back to about 1600. We developed it from a local "Farm" to an international, diversified business, focussing on agriculture and veterinay medicine.
In 1985 we opened our veterinary clinic in our hometown and steadily expanded its business; first beyond local-, then national boundaries. Today we treat companion animals in our home- based vet- clinic and give veterinary support for livestock to customers in various countries.
Our strength has been, that specific know- how was passed from father to son for generations. Yet, expansion-, new products-, new environments- take their toll. We went through steep learning curves and today we can successfully grow our products under European-, American- and Tropical- climate conditions.

Dr. Schäkel Unternehmungen GmbH  
Lange Straße 27  
32469 Petershagen  
Fon: +49 5702 85818  
Mail: contact@dr-schaekel.de